The Busy Mompreneur Daily Mode of Operation 10-Point Checklist

Take good self-care daily while starting and growing, managing your business.

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Starting, growing, and managing a business as a mom is not easy and at times overwhelming, however each mom must follow these 10 tips everyday to avoid high-level stress and burn-out. Take care of yourselves moms!

1. Sleep, Rest, and Relaxation.
2. Go to bed early, get up early.
3. Exercise, Meditation, Yoga and Prayer
4. Eat and Drink Healthy.
5. Meal Preparation Schedule.
6. Daily Work To-Do-List.
7. Complete most important task first, give 30 minutes to 1 hour
to complete each task.
8. Take 10-15 minute breaks.
9. Delegate household tasks to family.
10.Spend time with family.

The Busy Mompreneur Daily Mode of Operation Checklist

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3 Reasons Why Education Is Important In the Growth and Development of your Business

Education is KEY in your business success.

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Originally Published May 9, 2017 from VirtuForeU

Education is  essential in the development and growth and ultimately the success  of your business. Investing in your business education is one of the best decisions that you will make and is worth the time and money (whether its free or paid). When starting or if you’re already established business owner/entrepreneur it is recommended that you stay up-to-date and continue your education because as in business as it is in life, “You never stop learning.” I will briefly discuss 3 reasons why education is important in the growth and development of your business.

  1. Acquire or advance the skill set(s) that you already have to be competitive and become and be seen as an expert in your industry. Skill set(s) need to be acquired and be up-to-date if you want to remain competitive and become and be seen as an expert in your industry…

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By Jenny Fenig, mom, life/career coach to women, and co-director of babybites’s moms support groups

This is adapted from “Momprenuership Having It All & Raising a Family” found here.

Let’s answer some of the common questions about mompreneurship. These questions are boiled down into the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where and why.

Who is cut out to be a mompreneur?

Any mom! Many women who would never have thought of themselves as entrepreneurs are startled by their ideas spurred by motherhood.

What are the ways a mompreneur differs from any other entrepreneur?

A mompreneur’s motivation, workstyle and ideas all stem from the magical world of motherhood.

When do mompreneurs work?

It totally depends on the mom. Some work a few hours a day. Others are focused on creating an empire, hence are putting in the time to create something huge. The common thread here is that mompreneurs want to be their own boss. Most don’t work 9 to 5. Rather, they set up their schedules so they can spend special time with their children. They bring their laptops, Blackberries and iPhones with them wherever motherhood takes them. Don’t be fooled in thinking you don’t work hard when you’re working for yourself. On the contrary, it’s the hardest you’ll ever work … because you’re working for YOU … and you want the best. It’s also ultra-fulfilling because it’s your vision you’re bringing to life every day.

Where do mompreneurs work?

Home is usually mompreneur headquarters … at least at first. Wifi has become moms best friend … and has allowed work to go virtual. Mompreneurs wielding laptops and cell phones work at Starbucks, the library, the park … even in their car. It’s amazing the places moms find they can get some work done.

Where do mompreneurs find inspiration?

Everywhere! Moms realize all kinds of needs that aren’t being met and then think: there’s got to be a better way. And usually there is. Often times, it’s not a product that inspires mompreneurship, it’s motherhood itself. For many, the desire to be home with their children motivates moms to create businesses that fit organically into their family lives. It’s important to note that some moms start businesses that have NOTHING to do with motherhood, but these businesses give them the opportunity to work from home or work flexible hours. The key is FLEXIBILITY.

Why do mompreneurs work?

The reasons are endless. For some, it’s to bring in money. Others want to have something stimulating to do in addition to motherhood. For many, they have a huge desire to see a social change in the world. It’s interesting to note that while some mompreneurs experience significant financial success, most don’t go into business expecting huge money returns. This is a VERY different mindset from traditional entrepreneurs.