The Busy Mompreneur Daily Mode of Operation 10-Point Checklist

Take good self-care daily while starting and growing, managing your business.

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Starting, growing, and managing a business as a mom is not easy and at times overwhelming, however each mom must follow these 10 tips everyday to avoid high-level stress and burn-out. Take care of yourselves moms!

1. Sleep, Rest, and Relaxation.
2. Go to bed early, get up early.
3. Exercise, Meditation, Yoga and Prayer
4. Eat and Drink Healthy.
5. Meal Preparation Schedule.
6. Daily Work To-Do-List.
7. Complete most important task first, give 30 minutes to 1 hour
to complete each task.
8. Take 10-15 minute breaks.
9. Delegate household tasks to family.
10.Spend time with family.

The Busy Mompreneur Daily Mode of Operation Checklist

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